Tuesday, November 10, 2009


********* SHAZAM! BIOS! *********

Tony Kemp's first book, "The Estrangement of the Past," is about the transformations in the Christian picture of world history from the 3rd century to the beginnning of the 20th, and how the present's attitude to the past was reversed from identification to estrangement. He has two books in progress, "The Materialist Ideology: Bacon to Sade," about the extremeties of early materialism, and "The School of the Dead," a novel of gothic horror (not for reading alone on stormy nights). He is also a collector of medieval swords and a student of their use.

Seth Michelson's most recent poetry chapbooks are Kaddish for My Unborn Son (Pudding House Publications, 2009) and House in a Hurricane (Big Table Publishing, 2009). His translation of the book of poetry El ghetto, by Argentine poet Tamara Kamenszain, is forthcoming this year from Syracuse University Press.

Elizabeth Wilcox grew up in the DC area, accidentally moved to Los Angeles with no goals, and is now happily a PhD student in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California. She was recently named a runner up in the Indiana Review's 1/2 K Prize, and she has work forthcoming there and in La Petite Zine. Her poems have also appeared in such publications as Gloom Cupboard and HazMat Literary Review. Elizabeth is currently working on a few highly specialized projects, one of which is to see how much chocolate milk she can consume before Christmas.

Genevieve Kaplan's poems have recently appeared in Copper Nickel, Cimarron Review, Gulf Coast, and Jubilat. She runs the Toad Press International Chapbook Series, which publishes contemporary translations, and someday she'll get a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California. She likes burritos and ice cream, but she loves cookies best. Cookies, burritos, and ice cream, in that order.

Sean Bernard has or will have works in journals including Santa Monica Review, West Branch, The Texas Review, and Fourteen Hills. He studied writing in both the Pac-10 and Big Ten conferences. The Pac-10 is better at baseball. He likes burritos and ice cream and he teaches at the University of La Verne, where he edits the journal Prism Review (submissions open, please send to us, I'm happy to give info out after the reading). If you're tempted to draw any connections between tonight's story and his current job, well.

The Kings of Neon are an 80's cover band. Stewart Grace is a poet, book artist, and musical powerhouse.


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