Monday, August 09, 2010

Repeat Offenders

  • Over at the The Offending Adam, friend of The Loudest Voice and TOA Managing Editor, Cody Todd, introduces two poems and a story by another TLV favorite, Bonnie Nadzam. Bonnie's story, "Tattoo," is so good we've reprinted it in the TLV anthology, THE LOUDEST VOICE (Volume One). Copies are still available and are being stored in the back of my car until we can figure out how to distribute them online. If you'd like a copy, enter to win a free book over at, or email me

  • In other Cody Todd and Bonnie Nadzam news, check out Cody's awesome Sin City tattoo and poem "Portrait" over at the Tattooed Poet Project. And look for Bonnie's stunning first novel, LAMB, coming soon from Other Press.
  • Finally, check back soon for news on the reading series. We've big plans for 2010.